This year’s AGM could be life-changing. . .

There may be a difficult choice for some of our members on the evening of July 8th. Wimbledon will be over but there is another great clash.

The BRA AGM v A World Cup Semi-final. (What’s the betting it won’t feature England)

Our meeting at the GNC starts at 7.30 pm, the footie at 9.00pm, so you could catch a bit of both. But you certainly won’t want to miss our special guest speaker, Emma Cook. Brackenbury resident, Emma, is a journalist writing regularly on parenting and relationship issues for The Times, The Guardian and Psychologies. She is also beauty and wellbeing editor for Guardian Weekend magazine.

Last year she published a very successful book, ‘5:2 Your Life’ which applies the principal of the 5:2 diet, (where you eat what you want for five days of the week and starve yourself for the other two) to other areas of your life such as fitness, drinking, relationships, money, worry, productivity, screen time and environment.

If you tried the diet like I did you’ll know what a big difference a few changes 2 days a week can make. Emma will be signing copies of her book after her talk, so make sure you’re there to pick up this revolutionary guide.

It could change your life. Which watching a game of footie would never do. (Unless you’re an Arsenal supporter.)

See this link to the Notice of 2014 AGM