Space for Cycling

Space for Cycling

From Alex Ingram from H&F Cycling club

The London Cycle Campaign has launched the whole Space for Cycling campaign. Parties will shortly be confirming their final candidates and I as coordinator for Space For Cycling in Hammersmith and Fulham am keen we press them hard to support our demands both in wards and the mini-manifesto we discussed earlier on the list.

I’ve written a short news piece for our main site to kick off support online. Please read it and share with your friends. We’ve seen contact already sent on all but a handful of wards so far. If you’re a cyclist, you can support this by:

1)      Looking at our mini-manifesto and details on the demands in each ward

2)      Support your local ward’s demand. You can either search for your ward by postcode here:  or find your ward on the map of the borough:

3)      Tell your friends and family to take part as well! CTC are now running the campaign outside of London  here.

I am also working on a few mini leaflets and posters we can try to get onto local bikes and into local shops. I’m keen on support for that phase. At present there isn’t too much of a query from council candidates. This means the primary thing we need are more stories and evidence to support the ideas. I’ve got a few things I’ve worked on and had raised by members of the group (Suzie, your potholes are top of my list!) but I’d like to hear ideas from all members of what they feel might help support so that we can have a push regularly. Anyone who feels able to help write some material (a few paragraphs is really all we need, along with a photo) that can highlight an opportunity for or barrier to cycling, do let me know.

To join H&F Cyclists, see the website