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The second update meeting by St George on the Sovereign Court development was held with local residents at the Stonemason’s Arms on Tuesday 29th April. Perhaps due to the tube strike, or bad distribution of an invite to the meeting, or maybe general lack of interest from our residents, there was a very poor turnout. In fact, the St George people almost outnumbered the residents.  Those who did turn out gave the Project manager, Paul Mackenzie, a robust questioning on a variety of concerns and issues. There will be further update meetings on 10th June, 9th September, and 9th December.  If you can make any of those dates, it would be helpful because when it comes to holding developers to account, the more people who attend the better.  Sovereign Court is a major development in a very tight location so logistics play a very important part in making sure the build goes ahead with the minimum of disruption to surrounding neighbourhoods. The presentation we were given is here:

Sovereign Court Presentaton 29 04 2014