Public Consultation for New Quaker Meeting House – 1 July

Public Consultation for New Quaker Meeting House – 1 July

Venue: Grove Neighbourhood Centre, Lower Hall, Bradmore Park Road from 6 –  9 pm.

The New Quaker Meeting House will provide a place for worship for Hammersmith Quakers and the wider Quaker community in the 21st and 22nd centuries. Our weekly Quaker meetings for worship, which are chiefly silent, take place for one hour on Sundays from 11 am -12 noon. Our new meeting house will also provide a quiet, peaceful space for community users.

new quaker house


The 262m2 building will restore the original street line and features a large circular meeting room with lattice brickwork,which will create shifting patterns of sunlight throughout the day. The scale and materiality carefully respond to the local context. It will be suitable for public functions including meetings, concerts and lectures. There will also be a children’s room and a library, both of which have been designed for diverse community uses. The various room sizes complement, rather than compete with, the Grove Neighbourhood Centre opposite.

There will also be a large reception area for hospitality and a small office with views to the surrounding garden, which will be visible through perforated screens to passers-by. There will be two parking spaces, but it is anticipated that worshipers and users will continue to come by public transportation or bicycle. The building has been designed with disabled access throughout.

The meeting house, house (30-32 Bradmore Park Road), which we estimate will be completed by autumn 2015, will be the first Quaker – and possibly the first faith building – to be built in Britain to passivhaus standard, the highest current low energy standard, with a very low carbon footprint in keeping with our Quaker testimony to sustainability. We believe the design to be organic, peaceful and beautiful, and trust that it will make a very positive visual, social, ecological and spiritual contribution to this wonderful neighbourhood.

We invite you to see the plans and discuss with Satellite Architects, Stewart Dodd, Director and James Harper, Associate Director. This will be a drop-in session for local residents and societies to enable our future neighbours to ask any questions or raise any points. You are welcome to visit our website at