Parking in Zone K

My Saturday started as it always seems to these days, with trying to find a parking space after 9 am within 25 yards of my house and, as always, no luck… It appears I am paying the council £120 a year residents parking fee to allow non-residents to park in the road for free at weekends.

So I was encouraged when details of the council’s Zone K Parking review dropped on my doormat. At last, something might be done to relieve the pressure on the parking situation around here. I say ‘around here’ because I am referring to the roads at the southern end of the K Zone which are particularly vulnerable to the lax parking restrictions during the week and at weekends. I fear this will only get worse as all the new developments and shopping opportunities in the centre kick in.

I am not sure how the northern end of the zone fairs as I don’t live there but I would imagine, over the last few years, things can’t have got better. And that’s the nub of the issue….. Zone K has remained unchanged since 1989. Today’s demands for space have changed significantly, so it’s good that the council are at least prepared to re-examine the issue. So this is why it’s important you complete the survey. The consultation will also be available online at from 3 February to 3 March 2014. You should have received the paper version if you are a resident in Zone K. The information leaflet is attached which gives a very good outline of the current situation.

Naturally, you may have a different view from me on the current state of our parking zone. But whatever that may be, please let the council know by completing the survey before 2nd March. This could be your last chance for quite a few years to improve parking on our streets.

For more info, download the Zone K Parking Review 2014.