New Safer Neighbourhood Board

A Safer Neighbourhood Board is to be established in Hammersmith and Fulham in April involving Neighbourhood Watch groups, residential associations, police, Council, school and youth representatives and local businesses. The Board will help establish police and crime priorities, monitor police performance and confidence in the force, monitor complaints against police officers, hear and monitor complaints from victims of crime, provide assurance that a system of independent custody visits is in place, ensure all areas of the Borough have citizen ward panels, support Neighbourhood Watch and examine the stop and search data provided by the police to enable it to hold the police accountable for their procedures, making sure that stops are proportionate, professional and justified.

Similar Boards will be set across London under the London Mayor’s policing plan and follows changes to the policing model made last year as part of cuts to the Metropolitan Police budget. Hammersmith and Fulham Borough is to be divided into three clusters – Hammersmith will include Broadway and Ravenscourt wards which covers Brackenbury, Shepherds Bush and Fulham.

Two representatives from each cluster will be chosen to serve on the new Board for a two year term. The minutes of each Safer Neighbourhood Board meeting will be published and parts of meetings will be open to the public. There will also be open meetings twice a year in each cluster.

Introducing plans for the new Board, David Millar, Chairman of the Hammersmith and Fulham Neighbourhood Watch said the Board will hold the police to account for the first time, provide better communications and empower the community.