New Brackenbury Tree

Mark Waters, H&FC Arboricultural Officer, informed us this week that a Prunus ‘Umineko’ tree, jointly funded by the Brackenburys Café’s notice board collection and Brackenbury Residents Association, was recently planted on the corner Aldensley Road, opposite Brackenbury Road.  Mark sent this information about the tree. “The tree is an upright flowing cherry with large single white flowers about 1¼ inches wide in stalked umbels which come together with new green leaves in mid to late April. The flowers have pink stamens which become more pronounced as the flower ages. The regular upright habit makes this a good avenue tree”. Sharon from Brackenburys Café has kindly sent a photo of the tree in the post.

The current charity supported by Brackenburys Cafe’ noticeboard is a Mother & Toddler group at The Grove Neighbourhood Centre.