Lyric Square Paving

Lyric Square Paving

At the BRA AGM several members, including Toni Raybould, raised the state of Lyric Square complaining that it was dirty and greasy. On behalf of members we raised the problem with Councillors.

The first to respond was Councillor Stephen Cowan who supported our complaint. Greg Smith, Councillor for Town ward, Deputy Council Leader and Cabinet Member for Residents Services told us that “Lyric Square was jet washed every Friday around 4.30am until 6am (following the market). A mechanical sweeper also visits the Square each morning from 4.30am until 6am.

There are also additional resources throughout the day carrying out general cleansing. “Due to the nature of the market stalls which produce high levels of grease, cardboard was originally placed down by some stall holders to help minimise the grease, however, this was insufficient.

It was therefore decided in July to undertake a deep cleanse of Lyric Square using 6×25 litre containers of degreaser. This was carried out again four weeks later. “Unfortunately, the porous nature of the slabs means that the grease has soaked into the slabs and caused staining that may only be rectified by specialist cleaning and treatment or possible replacement of the slabs affected. We are currently looking at ways to ensure those who do the damage pay for the repair.”

We have told Councillor Smith we will continue to monitor the state of the Square and have asked him to keep BRA up to date with the cleansing regime and attempts to make sure those stall holders who cause the damage pay for the repairs. If you would like to help ensure that the Council does it best to ensure that Lyric Square is cleaned for our public use you can email Councillor Smith at