Hammersmith Grove Boundary Walls Restoration

Former BRA committee member, Dante Barbareschi , has long been interested in reinstating, the boundary walls of the 23 buildings of merit in Hammersmith Grove according to the original 19th century pattern. These buildings were mentioned in a special publication issued few years ago by our Borough. Through the years Dante has persuaded various owners in Hammersmith Grove not to turn their front gardens into concrete and to retain or rebuild the walls in their unique, original pattern and to keep as much greenery as possible.

Using moulds provided by Dante, entrance pillars and boundary walls have been restored to their 19th design at nos. 45,  47  and 61. Recently, Rupert Lewis and Clare Betteridge have restored 53 Hammersmith Grove to its former See the attached PDF for photos of before and after transformation. Dante has moulds with the original pattern for the entrance pillars and the boundary walls and is willing to loan these to residents who would like to reinstate their walls to their former glory. Contact Dante at barbaresc@aol.com.

Before Restoration

Hamm Grv Boundary Wall B4