Hammersmith Flyunder Feasibility Study

Hammersmith Flyunder Feasibility Study

The ‘Hammersmith flyunder feasibility study’ sets out in detail how Hammersmith town centre might look if a road tunnel – dubbed the flyunder – were built beneath the current A4. It also explains and discusses the potential benefits change could bring to the area, including freeing up £1billion worth of former highway, which could unlock a net profit in excess of £500m to go towards financing the flyunder.

The report includes feasibility, master-planning and geotechnical reports along with a strategic (economic) impact assessment. There are also several artists’ impressions of how the area might look if the flyunder were to go ahead.

Before and after images of the area around Hammersmith Apollo, The Ark, the Novotel Hotel, King Street and St Paul’s Church all show the six-lane-wide A4 removed and instead replaced with new homes, offices and green space. See the links below for the study and West London Link website.