Hammersmith Broadway Neighbourhood Watch Panel Report – 12 March 2014

The Broadway Neighbourhood watch panel was told on Tuesday 12 March that all Crime stats are down on previous year with the notable exception of Robbery ( Personal Property). This has increased by 5%. PS Dennis Symeou could offer no explanation for this.

Total Notifiable Offences are down by 18% on the same period in 2012-13. An excellent result for H&F Broadway Police.

Retail Theft has remained at a consistent level, but no stats were available for this. There is a lack of reported crime on the part of some retailers, particularly the larger chains such as Tesco and Boots.

The Panel agreed that the Broadway Ward Police would prioritise:

  • Burglary
  • Retail Theft
  • Drugs and Alcohol

Credit Card scams are still prevalent. Residents need to be aware of telephone calls, ostensibly from their Bank, telling them that their Credit Card has been used fraudulently. A courier is then despatched to collect the card from the resident’s home address. Banks do not operate in this manner and people should be on their guard to prevent such fraudulent activity. Certainly, no Bank Cards should be handed over to a Courier.

The handbag snatch from a car in Coulter Rd, reported recently, has resulted in an arrest by Broadway Police. Three thieves were involved and they were apprehended on Sunday 9 March. More information is not yet available because it is an on-going case.

TNT employees have been spotted riding their bicycles on pavements. TNT maintain that all of their operatives have been trained to cycle safely and with due consideration for others. They are officially not allowed to ride their bicycles on the pavement.

Susie Hack who represents the Queen Caroline Estate was concerned, during the last meeting, about people urinating in the doorways and pathways of dwellings on the Estate. This was taking place before and after events at the Apollo theatre. Stephen Cowan suggested that a letter might be written from the police to the management of the Apollo suggesting a breach of the terms of their License. Sgt Stuart Radcliffe is the Officer who deals with Licenses. Also, Community Wardens can deploy a vehicle equipped with CCTV to try and address some of the more anti-social behaviour before and after events at the Apollo.