Grove Neighbourhood Centre and Brackenbury Residents Barn Dance

The Barn Dance held on 25 January in Holy Innocents Church was a roaring sell-out success! Some 80 people across all generations joined in the fun. The church’s upper hall was transformed to resemble a barn with straw bales, bunting, tables decorated with check tablecloths and flowers to give it that country feel. The superb Caller, Laura Swift, conducted the outstanding West London Folk Band and took everyone through their paces with an eclectic mix of British and American traditional country dances. There was even a nod to Burns Night with a Gay Gordon.
Barn Dance 5
During a much-needed interval, Vicky Woods, the chair of the GNC trustees praised the collaborative effort of the organisations involved and urged people to have even more fun! Fortified by hot dogs, a free drink and more, people returned eagerly to the floor.
Lots of new acquaintances were made during the event. One local resident said she wasn’t quite sure what to expect before she got there, but that she’d really enjoyed herself, describing the Barn Dance as “different and great fun”. The Caller said that what was so enjoyable about the event was that people had not hung back and “they’d really come to dance”.
Barn Dance 6
Following the event, Theresa Tobin, GNC Manager expressed her delight that GNC had banked an amazing £1,286 from the fundraiser. Christina Smyth, from BRA Events sub-committee said that the commitment and effort that members of GNC and the sub-committee had put into the event, ensured the success. The event greatly benefited from Bective Leslie Marsh’s sponsorship as well as their cheerful presence and help on the night itself and free beer provided by the Andover Arms.
Barn Dance 7
Grove Neighbourhood Centre, a registered charity, put forward the idea for the Barn Dance as a fund-raising event to BRA’s Events Sub Committee who, coincidentally, were discussing ideas for a “getting to know you” event with Bective Leslie Marsh Brook Green as a pilot to see how the two organisations might work together on community events. Representatives of the three organisations got together and clicked, resulting in a very successful collaboration!