Going Up! 12 Hammersmith Grove

The developer behind 10 Hammersmith Grove has announced that it has secured funding for neighbouring building 12 Hammersmith Grove and will begin work on the site next month. Development Securities says that SWIP Property Trust will commit £92 million to forward-fund 12 Hammersmith Grove, the second and final phase of a 375,000 sq. ft. office-led regeneration scheme in the centre of Hammersmith.

The developer has launched a website for the new building. Development Securities says 12 Hammersmith Grove will provide 11 floors of office space along with new restaurant and additional public space. Construction will start in May with completion due in early 2016.

The first phase of the development, 10 Hammersmith Grove, was also funded by SWIP Property Trust for £50 million in October 2011 and completed in July last year, offering three restaurant units, two now occuped by Bill’s and Byron’s. In February it was announced that multichannel broadcaster UKTV is moving from its current HQ in Bechtel House in Hammersmith Road to 10 Hammersmith Grove.