F&H Chronicle Distribution – Update

See the attached response from Joanna Thomas to Trinity Mirror regarding distribution.

14 mar 14 non delivery of the H & F Chronicle

This is the response from Trinity Mirror to Joanna Pitts Thomas’ letter requesting greater distribution of the Fulham & Hammersmith Chronicle.


Joanna Thomas
Events Organiser
Brackenbury Residents Association

Dear Ms Thomas,

Thank you for your email and letter.
Unfortunately we are unable to fund the production and distribution of enough newspapers to provide every household with a free delivery. Circulation areas are often reduced by our advertising and marketing departments based on the areas in which their advertisers receive the best response from their customers.
Due to falling advertising revenues it has been necessary for us to cut the number of papers we deliver in many districts across the country and it is not just the residents of Brackenbury who are affected by this.
Sadly, whilst we appreciate that this is disappointing, we are not in a position to increase or amend our circulation areas or the quantities of our distribution at this time.
Kind regards

Trinity Mirror Distributors Ltd