Ravenscourt Park Walled Garden – Dates

Ravenscourt Park Walled Garden – Dates

From Angela Clarke

A reminder that our next session in the garden is on Saturday 5th April  at 10.30am.

We had a very successful morning last time digging out the old lavenders in the central area and replacing with new ones plus salvias and perennial wallflowers (Erysimum) and we still have some grasses to put in on this coming Saturday.  We also put in some extra rosemary plants immediately round the sundial.  We also moved plants out of two more of the herbaceous beds for them to be cleared for de-bindweeding treatment.

Let’s hope for this nice weather to go on into Saturday – there is lots of spring tidying up work to do as it seems we will not yet be replanting the cleared herbaceous bed despite having had a meeting with Council officers to make decisions on what plants they would purchase to go into it.

Future dates in the walled garden for 2014 are : 10th May (second Saturday due to early May holiday weekend), 7th June, 5th July, 2nd August, 6th September, 4th October, 1st or 8th November (depending on fireworks night), 6th December.   The usual reminders:

Do have a look too at our website on www.ravenscourtgarden.btck.co.uk   Further information can be obtained  from Angela on 020 8748 0284, 07851 780842 or aficlarke@gmail.com Angela Clarke.