Fly Tipping / Litter – Report by Ian Cranna

On 28 November members of the BRA Litter sub-committee were joined by Cllr Greg Smith a walkabout of the area with Cllr Greg Smith, LBHF Head of Residents Services, Street Scene Enforcement team leader Roy Instrall and SERCO contract manager Lesley Gates. With this tour being so early (9 am) on the day after our bins had been emptied, I had wondered if there would be anything to show our guests but our local dumpers came up trumps (so to speak) and there was a good, representative example of what we face in our area at a time of day when our streets should be at their cleanest… We reported 16 incidents of litter/fly tipping during this walkabout. An assortment of supermarket bags, black bin bags and smart sacks; an old TV, a shower tray, a baby bath, a double mattress and flat pack furniture, the remains of an armchair. These were reported from King Street, Dalling Road, Brackenbury road, Adie Road, Southerton Road and Overstone Road.

We have an unwelcome record this week – 88 incidents of dumping, including a sheet of MDF that had already been reported to Cleaner Greener three times in three weeks. A walk down King Street in the evening is not an experience to be enjoyed these days. The amount of fly tipping and commercial waste that is allowed to lie there until the early hours every day of the week must work against any attempt to regenerate the area. An old fridge-freezer, a bulky old TV set, unwanted carpet rolls, old suitcases, DIY waste… but most of all umpteen bags of domestic rubbish on our streets this week. There were 79 incidents that did not involve marked commercial waste, although we are now starting to see some King Street restaurants (including the long-established Casa Mia, barely yards from the Town Hall) now starting to fly tip their rubbish in non-commercial waste bags as the dumping culture continues to grow.