Crime and Prevention

Member,Toni Raybould said “Top marks to the person who thought of doing this after our recent opportunist burglary in Agate Rd.  I’m not sure the length of time it will be there…..maybe we should have one for a week after each burglary!”

Hammersmith Community Safety Unit said they use the A frame signs as a deterrent tactic they have any emerging acquisitive crime issues. The intention is for the signs to stay in place for 2-3 weeks. Generally by this time local residents have had the visual impact of the prevention message.

Recent Crimes: Burglary on Iffley Road . Theft of tools from a building site, believed a possible inside job. Theft of a Moped on Iffley Road and a burglary in Cardross Street..On the 28th in Sycamore Gardens there was an attempted burglary at Underwood House where they forced open the rear communal door.  Access was not gained into any flat on this occasion.  Also on the 28th in Banim Street an elderly person was a victim of fraud.  In this case the suspect called the victim and stated he was the police.  He was convinced into giving his PIN numbers and had his Credit/Debit cards picked up by a courier.  Money was then taken from his accounts.