Brackenbury Village Traffic: A Note From Our Chairman

Brackenbury Village Traffic: A Note From Our Chairman

My apologies for the delays in updating everyone on the outcome of the Traffics meeting that we had in December. Unfortunately a combination of Christmas and subsequent holidays have posed challenges in progress.

Attached are the minutes of that meeting and the comprehensive summary of all responses extracted directly from their emails. The only amendment has been where I have redacted names for privacy reasons. I hope that they are clear and are accurate, let me know if yours is missing or there are any errors.
I am meeting with the council over the next two weeks to discuss and agree a plan and approach to the issues raised and will provide an update immediately after that. A quick update is that following significant opposition, the Hammersmith Grove Zero Emissions Zone proposal will not progress in its current form and an alternative wider initiative is being considered. I’ll update once I know more.

Separately, you will see that there were many concerns raised regarding Parking. I will therefore be arranging a separate meeting focusing solely on parking issues in the area and will confirm the date once I’ve booked a venue. In the interim please pass any additional concerns over parking to


BRA Street Specific Traffic responses FV

Minutes Traffic Meeting 11 Dec FV