Update: Manjit and The Tipsy Toad

Update: Manjit and The Tipsy Toad
Dear Member,
I recently met with Manjit Rana’s older son, Inder, who gave me the latest news on her recovery and details for anyone wishing to donate and/or send get well wishes.
Since the last report, Manjit has had 3 major operations. First, to set a bone in her neck, secondly a tracheotomy and thirdly for a pace maker to regulate her heart beat. She is not yet able to speak and needs to rest her lungs and throat muscles before she can.
Inder says she is conscious and recognises family and nursing staff, is in good spirits, and aware of and grateful for the overwhelming response from the public with generous donations and good wishes.
Cards and greetings should be sent or delivered to the shop at 91 Hammersmith Grove, London, W6 0NQ
As of Tuesday, 7 August, the Tipsy Toad has reopened at the usual hours.
Best Wishes,
BRA Secretary