The State of Overstone Road Rubbish

The State of Overstone Road Rubbish

Recently, a letter was written to Councillors Wesley Harcourt and PJ Murphy, as well as Street Czar Andrew Stocker, addressing the issue of rubbish in the area, particularly along Overstone Rd. There have been many complaints regarding the state of Overstone Rd., along with other areas around Brackenbury Village as posted in NextDoor. We are actively working to try and develop solutions. In the meantime, please find the letter below.

“Dear Wesley, PJ and Andy,

Overstone Road recently benefited from major works: seven new street trees with SUDs schemes, plus new pavements. A substantial investment neighbourhood improvement.

Some of us residents are working to make the most of the newly created planting opportunities in the tree surrounds.

Unfortunately all this is to an extent cancelled out  by the continuing problems of flytipping by other residents, plus constant littering.

I attach a selection of today’s eyesores, taken at 11.30am. There are several more. By 6pm it will, as usual, be even worse.

I arrived here eight years ago to find an ingrained culture of dumping and disregard for rules. Little has changed since and this remains one of the untidiest streets I have come across in the capital.

We are so frustrated we are thinking about writing to our neighbours asking them to observe the rules and respect the neighbourhood. However, we would prefer the council to undertake an enforcement role. Hammersmith has one of the laxest regimes for refuse in inner London yet even this is not complied with. In Westminster, there are two 30-minute windows per week to place bags on the pavement – somehow residents cope, and the streets are a pleasure to walk down.

I hope you will agree that more needs to be done, and that more can be done.


Richard Owen”