The Plough and Stars begins at the Lyric

The Plough and Stars begins at the Lyric

What: The Plough and Stars – A play by Sean Casey

Where: The Lyric Theatre

When: 15 March – 7 April

‘The time is rotten ripe for revolution’

Set amid the tumult of the Easter Rising, The Plough and the Stars is the story of ordinary lives ripped apart by the idealism of the time.

The residents of a Dublin tenement shelter from the violence that sweeps through the city’s streets. A revolution that will shape the country’s future rages around them. What kind of Ireland awaits them?

This is a dynamic re-imagining: loyal to the spirit of O’Casey’s play whilst unleashing contemporary resonances for a modern audience.

The Plough and the Stars was first performed at the Abbey Theatre in 1926. The audience rioted. Now regarded as a masterpiece, this provocative play is an essential part of our understanding of Ireland in 1916.

Olivier Award-winning director Sean Holmes brings a new perspective to Sean O’Casey’s absorbing play, which was nominated for 4 Irish Times Theatre Awards in 2016.

A Lyric Hammersmith and Abbey Theatre production.

Supported by Culture Ireland as part of GB18: Promoting Irish Arts in Britain.

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