Moped/Motorcycle Crime

Moped/Motorcycle Crime

Please find the below which is provided by the MET to inform the public about moped enabled crime (in particular, theft snatch).

Police are working hard to keep the public safe and make the streets hostile territory for criminals who use mopeds, motorbikes and bicycles to snatch valuables from members of the public.
We are committed to taking every opportunity to divert, disrupt, detect and prosecute those involved in scooter, moped, and motor cycle related criminality.
Detectives are regularly targeting offenders through intelligence-led investigations and operations
We are working with industry to make scooters, mopeds, and motor cycles harder to steal.
Criminals use stolen scooters – that is why we have a strong focus on preventing the theft of scooters in the first place.
Scooters are easy to steal – riders must chain the back wheel of their scooters to prevent it from being stolen.

Supporting Information
Scooter/pedal cycle enabled offences in London 2016-17: 11,389 (bikes), 5980 (cycles)
Top 7 boroughs affected 2016-17:
Borough Moped/Motorcycle enabled Pedal cycle enabled
Islington 2146 2011
Hackney 1594 838
Camden 1335 806
Westminster 1250 754
Tower Hamlets 831 337
Haringey 741 291
Southwark 732 194

MPS Pursuit Policy

The MPS can and will undertake pursuits in any situation where it is necessary to do so – in line with nationally approved tactics. However, we must first ensure the safety of our officers, the public and the suspect when bringing offenders to justice. Officers are appropriately trained and equipped to minimise risk and the MPS pursuit policy is based upon the National policing best practice guidelines.

The tactical option of pursuit has many layers of continuous and proportionality risk assessment. This includes the driver themselves, the MetCC radio operator and the MPS pursuit tactical commander who supports the driver over the radio.

We also have at our disposal a series of tactics to bring a pursuit to a safe conclusion, including air support and tyre deflation devices, which deflate tyres gradually so the vehicle safely slows to a stop. We also have a range of pre-emptive tactics to stop pursuits happening in the first place.

Also, should a rider remove his helmet he is easily identifiable and will then be located and arrested.
Crime Prevention Advice
For the general public:
Be aware of your surroundings at all times and keep your personal property secure.
Don’t text while you’re walking you won’t notice potential thieves approaching.
Use the security features on your phone.
Try going hands free or stand away from the roadside close to a wall so no one can come up behind you.
Your phone comes with a range of security features, such as keypad locks and remote data wiping. Make sure they are all activated to stop thieves from accessing your phone and personal data.
Know how to identify your phone if it’s stolen. Find your IMEI number by dialling *#06# from your phone and keep a written note of it. If the phone is stolen, report it to the police and your mobile provider to stop it being used.
Register your phone on to help police return recovered stolen property and combat the sale of stolen goods. Police recover more than 2500 items registered to the website on average every month. Never confront a thief or risk your own safety for the sake of your mobile device
For scooter riders:
We urge all riders to improve the security of their vehicles to consider additional measures to secure their mopeds and scooters, such as using fitted anchors, security loops, disc and chain locks, and audible alarms. By everyone playing their part, we can thwart the thieves who steal these vehicles to perpetrate further crimes.

What the public can do
Help police tackle moped theft and moped related crime such as theft snatch by reporting to police if you have witnessed or have footage of a bike being stolen or thieves carrying out a snatch theft. Your information will be treated in confidence and will help us to develop intelligence and target the thieves. Please contact us with:
Video footage
Details of time, date and location
If you have any other information about moped crime
You can do this by contacting us:
On Twitter @MetCC
On – tell us about something you’ve seen or heard.
By calling 101.
You can also report anonymously via Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.
In the event of a crime taking place, always call 999.