H&F Council ‘Working on Plans’ for Sprinklers in All Tower Blocks

Hammersmith and Fulham Council says it is working on plans to install sprinkler systems in all its tower blocks, and it is also seeking to offer further assurances to those living in its high rise buildings.


H&F Council has also sent a letter to all residents of its high rise blocks, offering this advice from the Fire Brigade in the event of a fire:
• Immediately tell everyone
• Never use the lifts
• Keep low – where the air is cleaner
• Call 999
• Don’t go back in.

Plan ahead now
• Plan your best escape route, so you’re prepared.
• Talk through your escape plan with your family now, including children.
• Choose a safe room – one with a phone and a window, in case you can’t get out.
• Keep escape routes clear.
• Get your own smoke alarm – even if there is a fire warning system in your block

London Fire Brigade has also issued updated advice on tower block safety – you can find the full details here.