Hammersmith Grove Zero Emission Zone

Hammersmith Grove Zero Emission Zone

A letter from Hinesh Mehta, Transport Planner, Hammersmith & Fulham Council: (Thank you Cllr. PJ Murphy for sharing with us.)

Dear Councillors,

Transport and Highways are planning to consult on the 2nd phase of the Hammersmith Grove Zero Emission Zone (ZEZ) scheme from Monday 3rdSeptember 2018 until October 4th 2018. Our plans for the next phase are to designate the section between Glenthorne Road and Beadon Road as a Zero Emission Zone with access open only to electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles, plus petrol/diesel vehicles that we authorise for access to businesses. The consultation leaves open the possibility to compromise with the restrictions operating only during the day, which Cllr Harcourt has suggested as 7am-7pm.

As part of these proposals, a section of Glenthorne Road will become two-way to allow vehicles to take an alternative route. The junction of Glenthorne Road/Beadon Road/Overstone Road will also be redesigned to discourage vehicles from entering this section of Glenthorne Road and therefore reduce the number of vehicles on Hammersmith Grove north and south. We have also proposed changes to the parking spaces, the junction of Hammersmith Grove and Glenthorne Road to create a ‘gateway’ to the ZEZ, and are looking at implementing rapid charging points. Concurrently we are working with businesses in 10 and 12 Hammersmith Grove (the two buildings directly impacted) to encourage fewer delivery and servicing vehicles and switching to ultra-low emission vehicles where possible.

Hinesh Mehta

Transport Planner

Transport and Highways

Hammersmith & Fulham Council

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