Welcome to the Brackenbury Residents Association forum. which is possibly the most important aspect of our member community website. It allows all our members to connect, contribute and receive feedback on issues and local services, and even give or sell the odd product.

To start off we’ve posted a topic about the website for discussion where you can join in and tell us and the member community what you think. You can also start your own topics for discussions which other members can get involved with. Posts to the forum are moderated by our Chair and it may be a day or so before your comment or new topic is approved and becomes visible in the forum.

To get the best out of any discussion, here are a few guidelines you should consider:

  • When joining or contributing to a discussion, please stay on topic and try and keep it local. There are other, better places to talk about general topics or matters of national or international interest.
  • If you have a new topic to discuss, you can start the discussion, but check that a similar one does not already exist. If it does why not join in with it instead.
  • Please try and use language that is clear to all members. Avoid jargon or acronyms and give topics meaningful titles.
  • Keep it clean and respectful to other contributors. Any post that might potentially cause offence, harm or risk (including reputational) to any organisation, group or individual will be not be published to the forum.
  • We will notify the individual concerned (using the email provided at sign up) if we decide not to publish a post. In extreme cases of misuse, or where an individual repeatedly contravenes our guidelines, we reserve the right to ban the individual from using the Forum.

So, now our forum is up and running, please join in, we would love to hear from you.

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