All change. . . . . .

Fed up Cameron

While the Ukip ‘earthquake’ was being felt around the country last week, in Hammersmith & Fulham we were having our very own earth tremor.

As a result, Labour shook David Cameron’s favourite council out of office.

I think it’s fair to say this result was fairly unexpected, especially by the Tories who thought they were a shoe-in for another term.

Of course, while Steve Cowan and his fellow Labour councillors have been ferocious in holding the outgoing leadership to account, now they are in the driving seat they may find the road ahead somewhat rocky.

In our area, one of their biggest challenges will be overturning the Tory plans to demolish Charing Cross hospital. A lot of people have asked whether a local council actually has the power to stop what is in effect a central government decision.

However, we are assured by Steve Cowan that he will use all his available powers to prevent one of the world’s leading teaching hospitals becoming a luxury block of flats.

Steve, PJ Murphy, and Mike Cartwright have always been great supporters of BRA, particularly in our dealings with the council over controversial planning issues, of which there have been far too many of late. So it will be interesting to see whether, now they are in power with a workable majority, they will be able to put a brake on some of the developers’ more dubious plans. I guess only time will tell….

The H&F labour manifesto can be viewed here. We’d love to hear your views on this or any other topic affecting members via the forum here .