A Note From The Chairman On The July, 2018 AGM

A Note From The Chairman On The July, 2018 AGM

I would like to thank everyone who attended and contributed to a very lively meeting. It was very well supported and it is evenings like those that remind us that there are still big issues to be addressed and that we as an organisation do have a role to play.

The AGM is a requirement of the Association and therefore has specific items that must be covered. This coupled with time constraints around the room booking meant that we were pressed for time, when many topics raised deserved more discussion.

One great suggestion put forward was that we organise additional meetings on specific topics of great interest such as Traffic, Planning, Heathrow and such, where people can come to contribute,  focused on the topics that are most relevant and pressing for them, and where the time is dedicated to that topic. These wouldn’t be simply talking shops, and require outcomes and clear plans of action.

We will discuss at our next committee meeting and explore how to arrange. I feel that these would help keep BRA relevant and delivering back into the community.

Thanks again for all your help and continued support and thanks to Suzanne Cooper for the loan of her microphone equipment for the AGM.


Malcolm Carpenter