A message from the BRA chairman

A message from the BRA chairman

“Hi and welcome to the Spring edition of our Newsletter. Our apologies for the delay in publication, but you may have seen from our adverts for a Communications Coordinator, that we have had a gap in the role for a little while. Our thanks to Orlando for stepping in for the short term and helping us out. A massive thanks to Marine for the great work that she has done in the past and very best wishes with her new project that you can read about later in the newsletter.

It’s essentially a new committee in place now (with a heartfelt thanks to the previous team for all their hard work and continued support), and we are feeling pretty green at times, learning the ropes and trying to figure out what everyone wants from BRA, and then how to do it. Please bear with us and we are very open to suggestions and help. It is often daunting committing the time to be on a committee and one area that I am keen to explore is finding volunteers to help the existing committee members. Whether this be simply offering to drop flyers through the letterboxes in your street, to helping an Events team with ideas, dressing Christmas trees or manning a stall at an event. We are a small enthusiastic committee and all help is very welcome.

What I am keen to learn from you, is what you want and expect from your Residents Association, what levels and frequency of communication, the types of events that appeal and most importantly what you feel our focus should be.

I am very keen that we interact better with you and aspire to meet your needs. I want to understand what the challenges are in our community and how you want them fixed. I can’t guarantee that we can fix them, but we continue to build on and improve our relationships with the Council, Police, Schools and other associations, to learn and improve the quality of life for us all in Brackenbury Village.

In advance, I wish you all a Happy Easter

Chairman, Brackenbury Residents Association